Archiparels offers you the possibility to develop or purchase your unique “architectural pearl” as a new home or for your business activity.

Lately, two main development concepts are quickly spreading worldwide: sustainability, and city infilling.

Following the global trend of reduction of the environmental footprint, as well as the Dutch governmental mandate to have a fully circular economy by 2050, Archiparels’ real estate developments fully embrace the principles of the circular economy: waste no longer exists as such but returns to the cycle and is reused as a raw material. Our developments are fully sustainable for the owners, the municipality and the environment and are founded on the following pillars:

  • Use of re-renewable, recyclable, reusable or already-used materials;
  • Energy and resource efficiency;
  • Efficient and economical use of infrastructure
  • Preservation or improvement of the green space

Nowadays, infilling developments are a vital element of cities’ growth planning and aim at making the most out of under-used or vacant spaces which, for various reasons, have been passed over in the normal course of urbanization. Archiparels’ target developments span from unused small city spots and single buildings to larger developments, gardens and parks in not-so-well preserved streets and neighborhoods. All target locations crave for improvement. We bring them to a new life, creating precious city jewels, perfectly crafted in well-functioning neighborhoods.

Finally, sustainability and urban revaluation cannot leave aside culture, beauty and historical heritage. Archiparels’ real estate developments are carefully designed by experienced architects who trade-off sense of beauty, functionality, innovation and preservation of the rich heritage of our cities. The results are beautiful architectural gems appearing among the historical buildings and mingling with them: the new developments shine in their own beauty and, by contrast, enhance the beauty of the city heritage, which keeps on standing proudly in its centenarian glory.  The end result is a well balanced mix of modern and antique, for historical cities that are lively and adapt with elegance and charm to the changing needs and the new challenges of our contemporary world.

Pearls in Leiden

Archiparels currently manages various properties within the “071 New Pearls of Leiden Project” (, an amazing architectural adventure intended to enrich the historic center of Leiden and some of its suburbs with 71 new beautiful architectural gems.

As described by the curator of the project, the Architect Fons Verheijen, “A pearl is a small, quirky addition of architecture to an unexpected, impossible, unsightly place in the city. With its layered shine, it elevates the environment culturally. It makes the place more beautiful.”

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